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NPR Interview: The Man Behind The Mission

Are you having trouble finding a job, lacking critical job skills, and/or affected by the $1 trillion+ college debt burden in America today? If so, listen up because our organization may be able to help you out. In a recent radio interview with Mark Perzel from 91.7 WVXU Cincinnati, our Chairman, CEO and Founder David…

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Job Skills That Transfer

It’s no secret that the job market is very competitive right now, so we won’t whisper about it. In today’s tough environment, it can be especially difficult to find a job or internship opening that matches your ultimate career goals. But you should try to take advantage of every opportunity you can find. For example,…

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4 Relationship Building Tips That Work

Working in an office is often a fascinating sociological study. It’s an environment where a wide variety of different personality types are obligated to work together towards a common goal. In some instances, these might be individuals who would never choose to work together in any other circumstance, but have to find ways to settle…

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