Learn more about the Education at Work mission from the words of our CEO, Chairman and Founder Dave Dougherty. We’re revisiting an interview with Dave from August 2012 that was conducted by Dan Monk, Senior Reporter – Cincinnati Business Courier. The main focus of this article was to get the word out about Education at Work getting off the ground. Also, to explain why it was started, provide some insight from Dave’s perspective about the importance of college education and how it has impacted his life, and to communicate the benefits of the program to prospective clients and Cincinnati-area college students. But, this is only the beginning. The long-term goal will be to expand call center operations onto a national level in order to employ 100,000+ college students part-time, which will allow them to more easily afford a college degree through our tuition assistance program. To read the full article and interview with Dave in its entirety, click on the link below to the Business Courier website.

“Education transformed my life,” said Dougherty. “The idea of something that transforms the lives of thousands of young people gets me pretty motivated.”

Read the full article at Business Courier.

For more information visit Education at Work’s website.

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