Over the past decade, the call center industry has experienced some drastic changes. And the future of the industry’s landscape continues to evolve rapidly. But, the primary business function that call centers serve has remained pretty much the same over time. Companies still have customers with questions that need to be answered about products and services. How effectively these answers are delivered continues to determine the overall customer experience and satisfaction rating. So, what factors are really causing the industry to change anyways?

We will point out a few of the main ones…

  • Major innovations in technology. Cloud-based systems use less hardware and provide safer storage of large amounts of customer data. Leveraging multi-channels, such as voice, chat and email to communicate round-the-clock with customers.
  • Smarter customers armed with more information and less patients. Since customers know more today then ever before, CSR’s have to be highly trained to help out with more complex product and service issues. And must solve problems more quickly!
  • Rise in “onshoring”, the movement towards domestic call centers.  For many U.S.-based companies, switching to domestic call center providers can have many benefits, such as lower rates, native English speakers, fewer call delays, drops and transfers, etc. Also, this helps the U.S. economy by creating and bringing back jobs.
  • Access to real-time performance metrics. It’s now possible to get instant customer feedback and respond to their needs almost seamlessly with little delay. Having this data is a powerful tool that can improve customer experience and quality assurance. This allows CSR’s to learn from customer trends and think one step ahead.
  • Open and collaborative working environments. In the new-age call center, gone are the days of long rows of isolated cubicles. Having a comfortable workplace where agents can easily communicate with their supervisors has become essential!

We hope these thoughts spark a good discussion… What other changes have you noticed in the call center industry? Where do you think the industry’s future is heading?

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