Many college students look a bit puzzled when they find out, “Tell me about yourself?” is one of the most powerful questions you will be asked during an interview.  It seems innocuous, but interviewers are not just making small talk, they are evaluating how you respond to an unstructured question.  Interviewers want to see what you think is important to say about yourself.  They are also observing how articulate, confident and prepared you are.  Since this question is so commonly asked, interviewers expect you to be prepared for it.  Thus, if you stumble, ramble or even worse respond by asking, “What do you want to know?”, then the interviewer can make negative assumptions about your future performance.

Furthermore, if you know how to craft a well-thought-out answer, the good news is you can make a terrific first impression by incorporating your strongest attributes while setting the tone for the rest of the interview.  Your answer should be planned out in advance and customized for each job interview.  Your nerves might get the best of you, so rehearse your answers until they come naturally.

The Career Engagement Office has created a customized interview success guide with step-by-step instructions on how to craft your answer in order to leverage the skills and experience you will gain while working with us.

Lastly, If you are a current or prospective EAW student-employee in full-time “job search mode”, feel free to email or stop by the Career Engagement Office for your “Tell me about yourself,” how-to guide.

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