As a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati, I’ve been able to find tips to succeed academically both through my own experience and through others and if your GPA isn’t up to par, you’re limited on opportunities. Here are some tips and habits to keep in mind that can improve your grades:

Time Management

One thing that I’ve struggled with in the past was time management and procrastination, which had a huge effect on my grades. I found a YouTube channel: LongCityBeach, which is actually a college course that posts lectures on improving your grades (I know, “exciting,” but bear with me). One lecture went in depth about the importance of time management and making study schedules. The professor stated that on average a student should be spending about twice the amount of credit hours on studying per week; for example, if a person has 12 credit hours they should be spending 24 hours a week on their classwork/studying. That sounded a bit much to ask for when I first heard it but after applying this and creating a study schedule for each class, I found that I was way more prepared for tests. I know most people, like myself, can’t always fit this amount of study time in, but if you try your best to reach that goal, you’d be amazed at how much your grades improve.



It’s really important to make sure you attempt and turn in all assignments. It doesn’t make sense to miss out on free
points even if you don’t quite understand all the material – some points are better than no points.



(This last tip kind of goes without saying, but still we as students can fail to do this):


ClassroomNot only will going to all your classes keep you on track with what’s going on, you could be missing out on participation points, assignments and extra credit opportunities. Last semester I was doing so well with applying all the tips I learned and the improvement in my GPA was present. One snowy Thursday evening, I decided not to go to one of my evening classes because I figured the snow would only be worse three hours later and taking the shuttle would be annoying. After reviewing Blackboard a week later before the next class I discovered, to my dismay, that there was a big test I missed which completely killed my grade for that class and consequently hurt my GPA because I was only taking 4 classes. So, please, GO TO CLASS!


Article by Andrea Walker

Andrea Walker

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