1. Find and understand the problem: Whenever you have a problem, most of the time you don’t know what the heck is going on… until you are slapped in the face and told something is wrong.images (3)When that happens, stop and think: where did things go wrong and why are things going wrong? I often ask myself these questions before I freak out.
  2. The level of the problem: Throughout my travels around the world (lol), I have found out that whenever I can locate the source of a problem it’s easier to gage the magnitude of the problem. Here is how you should gage it:
  • level one: I don’t care about this. Go away, problem!images
  • level two: I might have to take this thing a little more seriously!!!Kaity 4
  • level three: It just got real.download (2)
  1. Talk about it: I bet you heard someone say something like “A problem shared is a problem solved.” The ones that said that forgot to mention to not share your problem with dummies. If the person you’re sharing your problem with freaks out, you will freak out and then you both look foolish. So make sure you share your problem with someone smart and sound-minded.
  2. Should the police intervene? If you got beat up, mugged or shot, please stop reading this and call 911 immediately! Make sure they come with an ambulance.download (1)
  3. Start reflecting on everything: How did this start? Why not your neighbor or his annoying god? What can you do to solve this? How far are you willing to go to solve this problem?images (1)

(PS: remember that killing and kidnapping is illegal)

  1. Eat a lot of ice cream: Whenever I have a problem like a crazy girlfriend, a math problem or a work related issue, I eat a lot of ice cream. Don’t judge! It helps with the nerves and allows me to get a brain freeze… okay that sounds worse than it actually is. I suggest that whenever you have a problem try to do something that is a stress reliever for you – it could be taking a walk or just listening to music. Doing something that is a stress reliever for you will allow you to relax and think more calmly for a solution to your problem.
  2. Confront your problem head on: Imagine yourself confronting your problem. For instance, a bully stole your money. What will you do? Clearly fighting is not an option unless you want a free trip to the hospital. Be the bigger person.
  3. Face your actual/ real problem: Remember, being the better person is always the best way to go and the best thing to do. It might not seem like it, but it is. I mean, would you rather get 4 or 5 of your teeth knocked out of your mouth in one punch or walk away not so proud but with all your teeth in your mouth?
  4. Did you make the right choice? How do you feel about it? It’s easy to get lost and confused butdownload doing what is right in the end is all that really matters. Whichever way you look at it, at the end of the day you saved yourself from a trip to the hospital, saved yourself from getting fired or, if you want, you can say that you live to fight another day.
  5. After all this is done you have successfully solved the problem. Now you can focus on other issues.download

Article by Jess Mayambi

Jess Mayambi

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