There are some big questions in life. Is there a god? Can we achieve world peace? What show should I watch on Netflix next?

One of the biggest questions Millennials ask themselves is “what do I want to do with my life?” Or they may ask themselves, “what can I do to ensure I have a financially stable future?” Everyone wants to be successful, happy, and have the financial means to fulfill life goals.

Education at Work believes in the power of higher education. The infographs below from the US Census Bureau show potential pathways that higher education can provide. The sky is the limit for possibilities. Everyone should be aware of where where their chosen paths can take them.

What pathway do you want to take?

Pathways After a Bachelor's Degree in Business

[Source: U.S. Census Bureau] Click here for infographics for more majors.

Education at Work is a non-profit organization solving the student loan debt by partnering with clients to address their customer service challenges through a high-achieving millennial workforce.

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Article by Michael Howard

Michael Howard

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