Education at Work Inc., is awarded $50,000 from The Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) as a part of a three-year grant plan approved in 2013. Funds from the grant will assist the non-profit cover operational expenses related to growth initiatives.

Since 2012, Education at Work has helped college students afford college through part-time employment plus tax-free tuition assistance. Students are employed as customer service agents in a contact center environment and learn critical skills in problem-solving, communications, and collaboration. To date, more than $690,000 has been paid out in tuition assistance with over $3.7 million dollars earned in student wages.

The company maintains its status as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization while creating revenue-generating partnerships with major clients in the retail, financial services, and technology industries. Dave Dougherty, CEO and founder, hopes to grow the organization to serve more than 100,000 students in different cities across the United States by 2025. “Support from organizations like The Greater Cincinnati Foundation helps Education at Work expand to serve students in a larger capacity,” says Dougherty. “We believe that helping reduce college debt for our students will bring them one step closer to reaching their personal and professional goals.” According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the national average of student debt is more than $1 trillion and is considered the second-largest financial obligation for adults after mortgage payments.

About Education at Work

Education at Work is a non-profit organization helping college students graduate with less debt by partnering with our clients to address their customer service needs through a high-achieving, millennial workforce. To learn more about Education at Work, visit

About The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

As a trusted philanthropic partner, The Greater Cincinnati Foundation inspires current and future generations to invest in a more vibrant and prosperous Greater Cincinnati where everyone can thrive. To learn more about The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, visit their website:

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