CINCINNATI, OH – Education at Work (EAW) has announced that since its founding in 2012, its student employees have earned more than $2 million in tax-free tuition assistance. EAW is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping college students graduate with as little debt as possible. The organization provides part-time jobs in a contact center environment that pay hourly wages and provide tax-free tuition assistance based on grade point average. Student employees are eligible to receive up to $6,000 in tax-free tuition assistance per year which goes directly toward their college tuition.

“In October 2015, we announced that our student employees had earned $1 million in tuition assistance since our establishment,” CEO and founder Dave Dougherty remarked. “Today, just eight months later, we have awarded a total of $2 million. This number will continue to accelerate with our students from our newest location, Arizona State University, applying for their first round of tuition in July.”

EAW will continue moving toward its vision to reduce $1.3 billion of student debt annually through employing over 100,000 college students by the year 2025.

About Education at Work

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Education at Work is a non-profit contact center provider helping college students graduate with less debt by partnering with clients to address customer service needs through a high-achieving, collegiate workforce. To learn more about Education at Work, visit its website.


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