At Education at Work (EAW), we have two goals: to help college students graduate with little or no debt and to better prepare those college students for their professional futures. Just over five years ago, our founder, Dave Dougherty, sought to accomplish these goals by opening the first ever, non-profit business process outsourcing organization. As we enter 2017, it’s safe to say that our clients have fully embraced our mission. Now employing over 500 students and having rewarded $3,292,289 in tuition assistance to date, EAW is leading a new direction in customer service and providing a breath of fresh air to the outsourcing industry.

Our collegiate workforce is motivated by a GPA-based reward model that gives them a chance to receive up to $5,250 in tuition assistance annually on top of their base wage. These students are digital natives that rapidly comprehend complex computer systems, cutting down on system training time. In addition, the intellectually challenging collegiate environment allows our student-employees to excel at problem solving and far-exceed accuracy metrics set by our clients.

Below is an infographic containing data from our 2016 calendar year; the numbers speak for themselves:

collegiate workforce, college students, customer service

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