My name is Gabe Schenker, and this summer I am working at Education at Work as the University Partnerships Intern. In my position, I help to identify and pursue opportunities for EAW expansion to new college campuses and business clients, and I will also be working on some campus engagement initiatives with our existing partner universities. I’m extremely excited to be a part of the EAW family!

Some need-to-know tidbits: I’m a Cincinnati native, graduated from Sycamore High School in 2014, and am now a rising senior at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. I enjoy performing and have been heavily involved in theatre over the past eight years. I’m a sushi lover and enjoy watching and playing sports, especially soccer (avid FC Cincinnati enthusiast). And I love to travel and spend time with my family and 14-year-old-but-still-spry-as-a-spring dog, Calvin.

At Denison, I’m an economics and theatre double major. My studies reflect my interest in and passion for the social sciences and performing arts, but they only tell part of the story of my college journey and future trajectory. Outside of classes and rehearsals, I’ve helped design, coordinate, and facilitate leadership development programs with a group called the Leadership Fellows. I also volunteer with a couple service organizations and have been involved in orientation and peer-mentoring programs. I worked in the Campus Leadership & Involvement Center and as an economics teaching assistant. And next year, I will be a class senator in our student government and a senior interviewer in the Office of Admission.

It might very well be true that I’ve spent more time on my co-curricular activities and jobs than on my homework. But it is precisely these out-of-class experiences that have helped me discover new passions, led me to EAW, and helped guide my thinking about post-college plans. I’ve realized that I care deeply about access to education, especially higher education, where students can have diverse social and collaborative experiences. As such, I’ve recently been exploring the possibility of pursuing a career in educational administration or student affairs. I like the thought of getting to work with students and provide opportunities for growth and mentorship so they can make the most of their education. So interning at EAW is exciting for me because I get to play a role in liberating other students from their financial burdens so they can take advantage of more of the opportunities that come with being a college student, all while developing a professional skillset and network!

From this internship experience, I hope to learn about the intricacies and challenges of shaping a startup model into a successful, sustainable enterprise. I also want to develop my own business competencies in marketing and sales and expand my professional network. And I want to learn what I can about the landscape of higher education financing, the barriers facing college students, and what is being (or can be) done to overcome them.

I expect that my time at EAW will influence my future career, whether in the business or higher education direction. For now though, I’m just happy to be here! I think that EAW is an ingenious organization with a noble mission, and I’m glad to have the chance to help expand its national presence.

About Gabe Schenker

gabe schenkerGabe is a rising senior at Denison University studying theatre and economics. A Cincinnati native, he will be working at EAW through July 7 and can be reached at [email protected].

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