ASU-Escape-Room-ChallengeEducation at Work’s ASU Educational Outreach Team escaped in exactly 44 minutes and 16 seconds!  Escaped from what you may ask?  The Escape Room Challenge near EAW’s ASU center!

The ASU Outreach Team, led by Amanda Nash, took on the Attic Escape Challenge.  The team had an hour to escape the Attic before the new “homeowners” arrived on the scene. The team was tasked with finding their “inheritance” left by their deceased grandparents. The stash included hidden cash, stocks and bonds, and the family jewelry.  If they couldn’t find their inheritance in time, the new “homeowners” would stake claim to the inheritance when they arrived!

Once the Attic door was closed, sealing our team in the room, a video message appeared from the grandparents with some clues to get started.  A glance around the room showed bookshelves with different volumes of encyclopedias, a collection of porcelain dolls, a bicycle on the wall, flowers, and old linens. Furniture strewn about included an armoire, a chest, as well as end tables with locked drawers.  All around the room were various kinds of locks and clues, waiting for our team to unlock and discover the treasures within.

ASU-Escape-Room-Challenge-team-photoOur team had to collaborate to decipher the clues, decode messages in braille, while working together to find hidden clues.  They found the hidden cash first, but the jewelry was still missing along with the stock and bonds.  It took great imagination as well as memory to put the clues together to finally discover the jewels.

The second to last task required finding a hidden door and secret room that led to a lock box.  But what was the code, and would the stocks and bonds be inside?  Through calculated analysis, our team quickly determined the lock box code and voila! The stocks and bonds were inside.

The final task was to get out of the Attic using one of the hundreds of available keys. This challenge was not easy, yet the ASU Outreach Team refused to give up. Even in moments when it seemed like the escape was not going to happen in time, the team bonded together and worked through it.

At EAW, experiential learning is an important means to practicing skills learned in day-to-day business activities. Going offsite to enjoy a fun filled “adventure” is just one of the ways we engage our full-time staff and student-employees to practice group thinking, collaboration, time management and leadership. We’re glad the Attic Escape Challenge did just that, and allowed our team to enjoy a fun and suspense-filled success!


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