If you’re reading this blog, I’m impressed. Education at Work (EAW) is not, yet, a household name. However, if you are reading this blog, hopefully you will come away with an understanding of the differentiators that are considered in the design and development of the budget to execute our BPO-based mission, for they are many.

From day one, Education at Work was built around the question, “How can the BPO industry enhance the relevant job skills and reduce the debt burden of college students across the country?”  The answer led us to build front and back office support centers on college campuses across the country. We’ve teamed up with some of America’s most iconic brands to do just that.

Education at Work Value Proposition

Every aspect of how EAW recruits, trains, schedules, and manages the student agent is unique and designed to ensure a high touch and consistent experience is delivered to our clients’ customers.

The differences, however, do not end at the agent life cycle. As a member of our client development team, I get to witness firsthand the elation of potential partners as we discuss how EAW’s value and social mission can tangibly help a company achieve their customer experience goals and help them build a future talent pipeline. I am also the one who gets to answer the question, “Tim, this seems like something we would really love to explore, but (in a bold and double-underlined tone) how much does it cost?”

How much does it cost?  How much more or less will the leader of the client’s organization have to rationalize to utilize a model constructed around a smart, energetic workforce engaged in front-line customer experience today, while being holistically groomed to join the client’s incoming talent pipeline tomorrow? The answer to that question cannot be fully dealt with in the span of a blog post, but I can highlight yet another way in which EAW is different in our partnership approach.

Education at Work invites our clients to play an active part in the price needed to support the student mission. Our standards are simple and student focused and all client requirements beyond this standard are open and negotiable. Our centers are built custom to our client’s needs, which takes money. They are built with the security protocol, technological requirements, leadership ratios, dedicated training space, and corporate leadership functions necessary to ensure success, which takes money. We purposefully build this model in partnership with our clients to ensure they see what each item costs, are able to agree to or alter the requirements, and commit to a price that is mutually beneficial to all parties while staying focused on the mission. The nirvana is when these companies hire the graduates into their full-time workforce saving approximately $3600/hire.

Education at Work is different. Different in our design, in our delivery, and in our execution. Different in our model and value proposition to our client partners and dedicated to an amazing social mission. Our approach to pricing is different too, we aren’t the cheapest nor are we designed to be.

My hope is someday you will have an opportunity to meet just one student representing the many, many success stories of our program and then, you will know why.


Tim Moore, Vice President of Mission Growth at Education at Work

Tim Moore Vice President of Mission Growth, Education at Work
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