Our parent company Strada Education Network, in partnership with Burning Glass Technologies has recently published an in-depth report titled “The Permanent Detour: Underemployment’s Long-Term Effects on the Careers of College Grads.” The report details findings from a longitudinal study by Burning Glass of 4 million unique resumes, examining the employment status of college graduates.

Key findings include:

  • Nearly half of college grads are underemployed in their first job, and most students who start out underemployed remain underemployed five and ten years out.
  • There are exceptions to the underemployed finding, but they are mostly in STEM fields, such as computer science and engineering, as well as communications.
  • Women are more likely to be caught in this trap than men. Almost half (47 percent) of female college graduates are initially underemployed, compared to about one of every three (37 percent) male graduates. This is true regardless of a woman’s college major.

This report reinforces the EAW mission to help college students graduate with little to no debt and the skills they need to earn the right first job, as well as opportunities to work fulltime in career jobs with the same client that employed them as an undergraduate.

To see the full report click here! - https://www.burning-glass.com/research-project/underemployment/

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