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By Zach Mills, EAW Student Digital Reporter

Effectively control your summer starting now. Here are 6 tips that will bring you greater self-satisfaction and accomplishment when someone asks: “How was your summer?” Your answer won’t have to be a simple shrug this time. Whether you are going back to school during the break or just taking time off, here are a few tips on how to take advantage and optimize your summer:


  1. Keep a healthy sleep routine. The early bird still gets the worm and getting plenty of sleep leads to a more productive day. Getting the sleep you need will in return give you energy to become motivated.
  2. Plan your week. If you’re feeling ambitious, plan some fun events that will fulfill your summer dream. You have the power to make it happen. Good planning will lead to even better execution. Get your friends involved in your plans. Summer activities are always better with a group!
  3. Work out. Now’s your chance, get that summer body before it’s over! Determine an exercise routine that works for you and commit to it. Even if there’s nobody to impress, do it for yourself. Take advantage of the summer air - even a stroll through the park is an effective way to get to your goal.
  4. Stay sharp. You’re not going to like it but here are the facts - students who study over the summer are 90 percent more likely to hit the ground running when the fall semester starts. If you aren’t taking summer classes then try to practice old material from your previous semester. Doing so will help you retain any skills and knowledge that you worked so hard to gain.
  5. Get a job! If you don’t have the money to travel or do the fun things you had hoped you would, at least set yourself up for next summer. Pick-up an extra shift or if you have the time, find a temporary summer job. After all, working hard leads to playing hard.
  6. Set a limit. We can all be honest here; we renew our streaming services to catch up and/or binge our favorite shows and video games. Just try to set a limit on the time you spend inside binge watching that favorite show. Be more productive and spend some of that time outside. When you get asked the question what you did over the summer, you’ll feel proud you didn’t spend it all indoors.
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