Katlin Watson 2

Katlin Watson graduated from Northern Kentucky University in 2017 with a degree in product marketing, worked at Education at Work for about a year and was offered a full-time position with the same financial services company she worked with while employed at EAW.

Katlin was one of our first students in our program at Northern Kentucky associated with our financial services partner in 2016. She started her career working on the phones and then worked her way into a full-time financial services role for our partner where she received the opportunity to open up a branch for the company in Pennsylvania.

Katlin says what she liked most about Education at Work was the atmosphere and the fact that she could work an entry-level job while still in school.

“I would say 100 percent you gain so much – from learning more in-depth about how a 401k works, to how contributions work - to how compound interest works. That knowledge is so valuable and getting customer service experience is extremely valuable to any major in the business field,” says Katlin.

She says that for anyone who isn’t a business major that EAW is still a great experience. She sites one of her friends as an example, explaining that her friend was an international studies major who thought she would be doing something completely different than finance. Katlin says that she told her friend how much she liked working at EAW, how they helped her with school, that she made a good hourly wage and how EAW worked around her class schedule.

“She started working here part-time and now she’s excelling at this financial services company,” says Katlin. “She had no idea she was so interested in finance before that.”

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