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4 Reasons Gen Z is Valuable in Customer Service Centers

1. They understand technology like no other Generation Z has been raised on technology and they have an innate understanding for how to use said technology. This sense of understanding allows college students, who are Gen Z, to acclimate quickly to the software used within customer service centers. Their knowledge also helps with their ability…

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5 Reasons Gen Z Should Work in Customer Service Centers

1. You Build Foundational Skills That Apply to Any Career Field A common phrase that’s thrown around is “communication is key.” You may hear that phrase in passing and not think much of it but it is truly essential to our lives. At the foundation of every career is the ability to communicate. Without this…

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What I Hope to Learn as an EAW Digital Reporter and How I Got Here

By Joycelyn Cabrera, EAW Student Digital Reporter Hello! My name is Joycelyn Cabrera and I am Education at Work’s new Digital Reporter for Arizona. This role as a student reporter is an opportunity I have been waiting for my entire college career. I’m a sophomore studying journalism at Arizona State University. Specifically, I am majoring…

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Gaining New Opportunities at EAW: My Journey to Marketing

By Brittany Collier, EAW Student Marketing Assistant My name is Brittany Collier, I am a student at University of Cincinnati studying communication and have been with Education at Work for more than a year now. The New Year has brought many new opportunities for me, one of those opportunities is my transition into the marketing…

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