By Brittany Collier, EAW Student Marketing Assistant

My name is Brittany Collier, I am a student at University of Cincinnati studying communication and have been with Education at Work for more than a year now. The New Year has brought many new opportunities for me, one of those opportunities is my transition into the marketing department from student success where I recruited and interviewed perspective student employees. As people do around a new year and with change, I look back on my decision to apply to Education at Work as one of the best choices I’ve made in my academic career.

When I first heard about Education at Work I was actually headed toward the exit during the career fair at the University of Cincinnati when I spotted Education at Work’s booth. I had done some research before and knew that they placed an emphasis on gaining real world experience and I knew that was something that I couldn’t pass up.  I took a shot, walked over to the booth and now here we are.

One of the main things I value during my time in university is gaining real world experience. Class is great, and I’m learning a lot but nothing is better than doing hands on work in your dream field. I was given a great opportunity by a student run communication firm, UCommunicate, where I am the Director of Social Media. That real world experience inspired me to look for more great opportunities so that I could add to my resume and gain the knowledge I needed as I am inching closer to joining the “real world.” Education at Work has given me the gift of gaining this knowledge and feeling prepared to enter adulthood post-graduation. My dream career is to be involved in a marketing department for an inclusive makeup company, and this real world experience is pushing me closer and closer to my goal.

My favorite thing about Education at Work is that they care about their students. They have a mission that prides itself on helping students with their debt and their preparedness post-graduation. I can’t think of another company that values their students as much as EAW does. Not only do they value your future, but they value the experience that you are getting in the present. I’m getting my Bachelor’s degree in communication and Education at Work knew that I could get experience in my field if I switched to the marketing department. Once a position was open my supervisor from recruiting, Ryan Boyd, was extremely supportive of my transition to the marketing department. Without this support from not only Ryan, but my new supervisors, Sabrina and Mike, I wouldn’t be getting the real-world experience I’ve always desired.

Now that I am the marketing assistant at Education at Work, I will be taking on a multitude of tasks including: writing copy, pulling analytics, making branded content, posting to our social media feeds and more. I’m really looking forward to developing my marketing skills so I can communicate our mission to an audience in a way that is creative and innovative. My favorite thing about marketing is the ability to incite creativity within yourself to share a mission or value you care about greatly. That’s why it’s such an honor to do marketing for Education at Work - I truly believe in their mission and respect the value they have for their students. I can’t wait to start my marketing journey!

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