1. You Build Foundational Skills That Apply to Any Career Field

A common phrase that’s thrown around is “communication is key.” You may hear that phrase in passing and not think much of it but it is truly essential to our lives. At the foundation of every career is the ability to communicate. Without this ability it’s almost impossible to get your message across in any capacity. Working with a team or with customers involves good communication and there is no better place to gain these foundational skills than through working at a customer service center. It’s a common feeling to be scared to talk on the phone. Working in a customer service center allows you to jump that hurdle and become a master at communication.


2. Gain Knowledge Retention Skills

College students often empathize over the practice of cramming the night before. Students have so much going on all the time it can be hard to retain information. In a customer service center environment, you have the ability to improve on your retention skills by having to remember information given to you on the phone. This practice of knowledge retention through phone calls could help you when you start to study for your next exam. In a position like this, it is essential that you increase your ability to remember details - benefiting you in your future career and in your classes.

3. Work Around Your Class Schedule

At EAW, the ability to work around your class schedule allows you to focus on your academic career and graduate with less debt! Working around your classes also teaches you time management and prioritization skills!


4. Improve Your Patience

With the advancement of technology in our fast-paced society it seems almost impossible to tap into your patient mindset. It can be hard to watch a video longer than a minute or hey, read a blog post that may take a few minutes. Customer service center positions require patience, and it is a great skill to build upon as you inch closer to the real world. Being the first point of contact means you are the first to help a customer and that requires a lot of patience. You may have all the answers but the person on the other side of the call doesn’t.

5. Spark Your Creativity

In a customer service center environment it often takes creativity to find new ways to solve a customer’s problem.  They may have a question that doesn’t have a clear answer and it’s up to you to be creative to find a solution. Suggesting alternative ideas sparks your creativity and develops your ability think on your toes.

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