1. They understand technology like no other

Generation Z has been raised on technology and they have an innate understanding for how to use said technology. This sense of understanding allows college students, who are Gen Z, to acclimate quickly to the software used within customer service centers. Their knowledge also helps with their ability to think quickly and solve problems with the technology at hand.


2. They’re able to offer new perspectives

Hiring Generation Z students allows for a new force of different perspectives to join your workforce. It’s important to have diversity in any organization because it allows for open discussions on how to problem solve and offers new perspectives on how to improve on skills and tactics. Their insight is extremely valuable and should not be taken lightly.

3. Students are eager to gain resume worthy skills

College students often seek opportunities that allow them to gain the foundational skills that are required for any career. Any major can benefit from the communication and teamwork skills that are provided by customer center work. Students are seeking these roles to put them ahead and make their resumes stand out.


4. College students are seeking new experiences

On college campuses, students are often restricted by the type of work they can do. Campuses tend to be surrounded by restaurants and retail and not much else. As mentioned in reason three, students want to gain the foundational skills to help prepare them for the real world, and being in a new environment, one that customer centers often provide, allows students to get a jump start on their future careers and provide a new experience for them that gives them developmental opportunities.

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