By Joycelyn Cabrera, EAW Student Digital Reporter

How Students Are Juggling Online Classes

Classes are online. Work is online. And finals are here. How are college students coping with all these responsibilities in one space?

The truth is, there is no single answer. According to several EAW students, there are a number of different ways they keep all their plates spinning during finals season.

mindfulness 2


One of the many ways students keep their heads above water is by practicing mindfulness – a state of living which focuses on the present moment through daily activities such as meditation.

“At times I’ll catch myself stressed or overworked because I’m not putting in as much effort as I typically do,” Ester says. “When that happens, I take a step back and practice mindfulness, which can look like taking note of my breathing, and I’ll be good to go again.”

Over the last several years, the practice has become increasingly popular as a mental health resource and stress reducing technique.

Having a Work Station

A common technique to focus on work is to have a space in your home dedicated to school work or working hours.

Fatima Santiago is a senior at Arizona State University and has plans to pursue a master’s degree in social work.

“To keep me sane, I’ve set up my work in a different area and my school in another and as soon as I work out of that area, I make it become my home again,” Fatima says. “Setting up my areas in different parts of my house for work and for school has helped.”

Having a work station separate from your living or personal space makes it easier to stay focused on tasks as well as staying motivated to reach your goals once you’re in the correct space.

having a workspace
staying connected w friends

Working with Friends

Ali Aldulaimi says he stays connected with friends who help him stay motivated both during working hours and studying hours.

“We have a group chat set up for us, a video call, and we stay connected that way. This way, if we need anything, we’re there for each other: communication, motivation, anything. It’s like we’re still sitting next to each other.”

Working in groups can boost spirits while preparing for a quiz or an exam. Many students find video chatting with friends maintains their focus on the subject being discussed. And of course, it never hurts to have fun once all the work is done!

“I stay connected with my friends and we play dungeons and dragons on discord,” says Holly Milosevich, a junior at ASU studying accounting and computer information sciences.


When he’s not video chatting, Ali says he can’t focus on a computer screen after too long, so he multitasks while listening to videos of his professor.

“There’s really not much of a class anymore. It’s just: watch the video, do the assignment,” Ali says, “So, what I’ll do is just listen to the professor while doing another activity. That’s helped me, at least. The other day I made a salad while listening to the professor, and I actually understood better.”

Multitasking, while seeming to divert focus from the task at hand, can actually create a healthy balance of activity for those who find themselves needing to move around.

checklist and reminders

Set Up Reminders

Patricia Zazueta is an ASU student who keeps things as organized as possible as she goes through her classes and prepares for finals. Patricia has been an EAW employee for over a year.

“I try to juggle my responsibilities by doing the same checklists and reminders as I did before the transition,” Patricia says. “On a daily basis, I use my laptop, planner, and pens. I like to leave myself notes and drawings throughout the day.”

As we get nearer to finishing off the month of April, final exams loom over the heads of students already facing new territory academically. As finals week approaches, students use various ways to study, including flashcards, video chats, and overall time-management.

“For the people feeling anxious,” Patricia says, “I would advise them to take a breath and live each moment as it comes. After time we know what we are capable of, so don’t ask yourself to do more than what you know you can handle, but don’t underestimate yourself either.”

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