Senior Spotlight: Christopher Fried-Ochoa

Christopher Fried-Ochoa is set to graduate with his master’s degree in international affairs and global enterprise from the University of Utah this spring. Christopher has been recognized as an astounding senior for all of his hard work and dedication during his time at Education at Work.

He has earned $8,000 in tuition assistance by working with EAW for three semesters.

Christopher initially heard about Education at Work by job searching online. He had just recently moved to Utah from Idaho to obtain his master’s degree. When he saw the job posting, he thought he would be the perfect fit for the role. “I applied for the real time analyst job, and I already had my 4 year degree, so I wanted to go into a job that would work well with my academics and that would allow me to graduate at the speed I wanted to, and EAW fulfilled that mission from the get go,” says Christopher.

When Christopher first applied for the real-time analyst position, he was unaware of the tuition assistance program for students, but was pleasantly surprised.

“It was a great experience to try new things out especially with all the benefits,” says Christopher. “It made me appreciate the job I was going into.”

Chris not only values the tuition assistance program. He says he deeply values the professional experience he gained. During his time at EAW, he learned more about Microsoft Excel and how to work well in a team.

Christopher had the unique experience of having team members from across the country, which, he says, helped him develop his virtual communication skills before he graduated with his master’s degree.

Once Christopher graduates, he dreams of getting a full-time job in his field, specifically a government-type job in a foreign policy section, like the Department of State or Homeland Security. “I’m just trying to jump-start my career and be committed to it, and get going,” says Christopher.

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