Emir Sabic is a theater performance major at Westminster College who will be graduating this spring after earning $2,500 in tuition assistance during his time at Education at Work.

Emir spent six months at EAW after hearing about the opportunity through a family member. After being laid off at his past job, Emir saw this as a perfect way to gain skills and pay for school.

Emir knew a bit about EAW through his family member but was surprised to see how relaxed the environment was and how EAW put academics for their students first.

“As a theater major that was really great because I also had rehearsals, so being able to work around that made it way easier to be in shows and work at the same time,” says Emir.

During his time at Education at Work, he acquired many skills. He especially values his ability to communicate to customers effectively. Emir says, “EAW has taught me to really converse with people to better solve issues. I’ve learned how to communicate effectively with customers when they are frustrated.” Alongside his customer service skills, Emir says that he has also gained leadership skills and teamwork skills.

After graduation, Emir dreams of acting on a professional level as soon as he can. He hopes to pursue his dreams in either Chicago or New York.

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