“I’ve grown more into becoming a team player.”

Anahi Parra has been a student with Education at Work for over a year, starting during her junior year at ASU, and is among the first agents to work at EAW’s Downtown Phoenix site.

Anahi is an Arizona State University senior preparing to earn her degree in criminal justice with a minor in social welfare.

“It’s always been a field I’ve been super interested in,” Anahi says. “I wanted to give back to my community and I thought by majoring in this, with a social work background, might help me reach that goal.”

Anahi has always wanted to give back to her community in any way she can while also sticking with a field she loved. She is set to graduate in May, and looks forward to beginning her career within the criminal justice system.

Anahi joined EAW when it was just beginning in Downtown Phoenix which was the first offside location for EAW. Anahi found herself learning, adapting and adjusting alongside the program and other student employees.

“A lot of professional communication, I did gain, because I was able to be open with my supervisors and now, being here for over a year, going through different changes, I can be more adaptive and be more vocal and be more open with everyone,” Anahi says.

One of the benefits of an evolving program, according to Anahi, is learning how to take initiative with the rest of the team. Anahi has developed soft-skills, including communication and professionalism.

“I’ve also developed a lot of leadership skills,” Anahi says. “In the beginning, I was really focused on myself, and I feel like now I’ve grown more into becoming a team player and wanting to help everyone on my team.”

Anahi has earned more than $5,500 in tuition assistance, which allowed her to delegate other scholarship monies and financial aid to other things.

“It relieved a lot of financial stress,” Anahi says. “Because of the assistance, I was able to manage my finances better and pay for a bus pass and pay for my books, little things like that which I would have been struggling with.”

After she graduates, Anahi plans to begin applying for jobs in her field of study. She says the skills she learned and the support she has received has helped her along the way.

“Once I gave this job a chance, I started getting involved and vocalizing any concerns I had, I realized my team was there for me,” Anahi says.


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