“Being able to graduate with no debt is amazing.”

Mohanad Warrayat is an Arizona State University senior who has grown with his program at Education at Work during his final year in college.

Mohanad has always loved outer space and while navigating college, he found the perfect major for him: aerospace engineering.

“It’s really corny, but I’ve been interested in space,” Mohanad says. “I didn’t really know how I wanted to manifest that, at first. Out of high school, going into college, I wanted to go into astrophysics, but one of my friends from electrical engineering recommended aerospace engineering so I thought I’d give it a try.”

Mohanad says his dream job is to be a team lead working on rockets for space exploration.

While customer service and technical support may not directly contribute to his major, Mohanad says he still gained important skills and experience from spending his senior year with EAW. Above all, he’s gained confidence and problem-solving tactics.

Mohanad says the phrase, “that’s not possible,” is never the answer with EAW, as there is always a way to solve the problem, even with help from peers or coaches.

“You have to be able to come up with an answer, and you learn how to do so confidently,” Mohanad says.

While Mohanad had developed valuable resume-building skills, learned to network with peers and management, and received personal support from his EAW team. Mohanad also received irreplaceable financial support during his last year as a Sun Devil before he graduated.

Mohanad has earned over $3,000 in tuition assistance and is graduating with his degree in Aerospace Engineering debt-free.

“I think just being able to graduate with no debt is amazing,” Mohanad says. “Finding a job that also offers tuition assistance, I thought, was really cool. And that’s why I applied.”

Working with customers from all over the world has left a significant impact on Mohanad professionally. He says he learned how to communicate with people of various demographics while on the job and stressed the importance of networking with his community of coworkers. Mohanad says he developed a mentoring relationship with his supervisors along with a network of friends.

“What surprised me was how open of an environment it was,” Mohanad says. “I thought it would be a lot more mundane. At my other job, I didn’t really look forward to coming in the next day. I think it’s because of how open this environment is, I’m able to walk into work each day without having to dread it.”

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