Robert Witt graduated from Northern Kentucky University with his degree in business management this spring and earned approximately $19,000 in tuition assistance during the four years he was employed at Education at Work (EAW). 

Robert learned about Education at Work through a friend of his mothers. He had just begun his college career was applying to a various jobs when he learned about the opportunity at EAW. He says the tuition assistance plus a weekly paycheck caught his eye. Initially, Robert applied to Education at Work to receive a steady income but it transformed into something more – a true career that he was passionate about.

Robert found himself in a management role in his program which helped him gain a great perspective on what he wanted as a future career. “I was given the opportunity to lead our team and help delegate tasks effectively,” says Robert. Robert gained leadership skills, learned how to work in a team and how to network properly.

“EAW has given me the tools and experience necessary to network and help in my career,” says Robert. “The opportunities given to me have allowed me to network for success.”

Robert values the knowledge and skills he has gained through working at EAW but says he has an immense appreciation for his fellow coworkers as well. Working with a team helped Robert feel valued and included. “They care about me and helping me develop which is really important to me,” says Robert. During his time at EAW he has been able to watch his coworkers graduate and go on to do great things, with is something that he says he finds inspiring.

Once Robert graduates this spring he plans to get a job in HR role or a management trainee role to further develop his skills. “I just want to blossom into that great career that I know I can have,” says Robert.

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