Shelby Sammons is a recent Northern Kentucky University graduate who says she’s gotten a leg-up in her career after working with Education at Work for almost two years.

“EAW set me up so well,” says Shelby. “I’m picturing having to start fresh right now, with no experience, and I feel like I’m so much further than people who are my age and graduating.”

Shelby graduated this spring with a degree in organizational leadership and a minor in communication. Her college journey took many turns, including a switch in studies. Originally, Shelby was studying elementary and special education. Once Shelby made that switch, she says EAW helped her gain the career skills she needed to succeed in her new major.

“In my head, I thought, ‘I’m not going to have to be prepared to get a job for a couple years because I’m going to be a teacher, and you can’t really start looking for a teaching job before you get your degree,’ but then I changed my major,” Shelby says. “I was pushed out of my comfort zone and I learned a lot of networking and communication skills – both tied to my major.”

“I felt like support was always here,” Shelby says of EAW. “They treat me like I’m a professional, just like them.”

While changing majors may have shaken up her college plans, Shelby says EAW allowed her to feel more comfortable and secure in her new career path.

“Before, if I would have walked into an office building, I would have felt like, ‘Oh I don’t belong here,’ but now it’s a comfortable space,” says Shelby.

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