Two years ago, Benjamin Martinez learned about Education at Work (EAW) from his sister after she visited an EAW booth at an on-campus event. Soon after, they both applied for part-time positions at EAW and begun their EAW journey.

Benjamin graduated this spring from the University of Utah with a degree in French and received approximately $7,500 in tuition assistance from EAW.

He was initially nervous about not having time for both work and academics, but Benjamin was pleasantly surprised to discover how EAW worked around his class schedule.

Benjamin found that working with his older supervisors gave him great insight as well and helped him build the skills he needed to succeed post-graduation. “I really enjoyed my supervisors,” says Benjamin. “Everyone was very relaxed and it wasn’t a tense environment. That’s what I really liked about EAW.”

The tuition assistance program at EAW greatly impacted Benjamin. “I'm very grateful for EAW because without TA I wouldn't have been able to finish school at the time I wanted to,” he says. “It allowed me to get the tuition assistance to finish school and it also helped me discover what I really enjoyed.” He originally majored in math but through his interaction with EAW, it helped him make the switch to French which is his true passion.

Benjamin plans to attend graduate school at the University of Utah to obtain his masters of Art in World Languages and Cultures with an emphasis in French and comparative literature.

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