“[EAW] made me graduate debt-free and got me into the work force.”

Jacob Hopkins is a first-generation college graduate from University of North Texas. Jacob earned his degree this month in Aviation Logistics after working with Education at Work since November, 2018.

Aiming towards a career path in the business world, Jacob took classes – and eventually a job with EAW – to help him get to where he needed to be. Jacob says he heard about EAW from his business classes and the real-world work experience described is what ultimately reeled him in.

“I was looking for good work experience and I could experience that working at a reputable company in a corporate environment like this,” Jacob says.

Jacob has learned several skills during his time with EAW, from learning Excel to networking skills which have helped him in his field, Jacob says there was a lot to gain from his position in Sales Solutions.

“We work closely with front line associates and managing directors learning how a business works and what happens in the background,” says Jacob.

In addition to a multitude of skills, Jacob has earned three semesters’ worth of tuition assistance, making up over $6,000 toward university expenses. Jacob is now graduating from the University of North Texas debt-free.

“[EAW] made me graduate debt-free and got me into the work force,” Jacob says. “A lot of people graduate with debt and don’t have job opportunities to assist with that.”

As his collegiate journey comes to an end, Jacob says the more prominent things he can take with him going forward at the networking skills he’s learned and how to communicate effectively with all kinds of people.

“It seems to good to be true,” Jacob says. “Put your name down and apply. Nothing bad can happen from that. You gain good work experience and you learn how to deal with people.”


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