Transitioning to a work-from-home environment can be a big change for those who are used to an office space. One student leader made the most of the switch and shared how she was impacted by her team working remotely.

Jayden Scott is an EAW student leader who just finished another semester at University of Utah, working on general studies with an interest in the medical field. She is one of seven leaders still in the EAW Utah office, while her team has gone from occupying the same space as her to working from home.   Jayden says the biggest change came from finding the most efficient ways to communicate with her team in a remote environment.

“It’s been a good experience,” Jayden says. “I feel like I’ve been able to connect to the agents on my team a lot better.

During the transition, Jayden was exemplary at getting her team organized and making sure everyone had the tools they needed to succeed while working from home.

“I miss them a lot,” Jayden says. “I miss having the conversations and chats that aren’t just official meetings. It’s easier to have a conversation about how their day is going in person rather than through a chat room. I miss that and I miss talking to everyone – even if not everyone is on my specific team.”

Jayden has been an EAW student since April 2019 and has since received over $5,000 in tuition assistance. During this time, she learned how to be adaptable, take initiative, and problem solve.

“When we were sending students home, Jayden was instrumental in ensuring students got their kit at the appropriate time,” says Jayden’s supervisor. “This was no easy task!  Jayden wasn’t asked to assist in this effort – she willingly and on her own accord – stepped up to the task and jumped in head first.”

While Jayden misses her team, she says she’s relieved they get to work in the comfort of their home and be with their families. Jayden s keeps up with her team on a daily basis through remote meetings, engaging their chat rooms, and overall checking up on them to make sure they have everything they need to be successful.

“Communication has changed significantly with me talking to my agents,” Jayden says. “Now it’s all over team meeting calls and emails, so I have to adapt to that. The job changed in the fact that I can no longer just walk up to a student if they need something, I’ve become a lot more attentive to our chats to make sure they’re okay.”

In an empty office, the work day can become sluggish. Jayden keeps organized with scheduling and constant communication.

“It’s just about making sure I have exactly what I need to get everything done,” Jayden says. “I have my day scheduled out and I make sure to take the time to engage with my team and coworkers as much as I can.”

Jayden has taken initiative during a time of change for her team and continues to use those leadership skills to keep up with everyone’s needs on a daily basis. Jayden’s adaptability has kept her team moving forward in a remote environment.

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