At Education At Work, Hue gained technical skills that she didn’t have before and enhanced soft skills like problem solving.

Hue Tran, a recent grad from the University of Utah, first heard about Education at Work (EAW) at an on-campus EAW recruitment booth. As she walked by the booth, a recruiter asked her if she was interested in earning tuition assistance. She says that piqued her interest and it’s why she decided to apply. Since that day in 2017, Hue has been working for Education at Work for over two years, and this spring, Hue graduated with a major in English. “Tuition assistance was a constant reminder that my workplace cared about my schooling,” says Hue.

Hue valued the tuition assistance program and was also appreciative of her coworkers and the work environment. She says she didn’t expect the different personalities found in the office to come together so well. “Everyone was so helpful, friendly, and very outgoing, and the workplace had such a lively culture,” says Hue.

Beside the appreciation she felt for the team she worked with at EAW, she says she gained a multitude of skills. “The projects and the opportunities to engage in critical thinking and thinking outside of the box were great.”

Throughout her time there, Hue’s newfound skills and strong relationships with her peers gave her a boost in confidence. “Through the training, I learned that I can find answers and problem solve as I need to.”

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