“If you were in my boat and having such a hard time finding an internship, this is great.”

Spencer Howard, a recent graduate of University of Cincinnati, earned his degree in finance this past May and will be taking a full-time position with one of Education at Work’s partners.

Spencer, after working with EAW in partnership with a leading financial company for three semesters, was offered a full-time position with the firm upon graduation.

“It was a relief,” Spencer says.

The job offer comes as a relief and end to Spencer’s college journey. Spencer graduated high school in 2012 and joined the army national guard at age 18.

“After basic training, I was kind of done with school and didn’t want to go back,” Spencer says.

A year after his deployment, he weighed his options regarding post-secondary education.

Spencer decided he needed experience in the world of money management and finances. Now, he has graduated with a degree in finance and is gaining real-world experience with a financial investment firm. He’s even found himself with a new opportunity to get started on his career path.

“It had a lot to do with my supervisor,” Spencer says. “Always asking, ‘Hey, do you have a spot for Spencer yet?’ They know my work ethic; they knew I had that baseline and was dependable.”

Spencer originally heard of EAW from a UC email. He says the correlation between his career goal and the job position is what pushed him to apply. After working with EAW for a year, Spencer has accumulated three semesters’ worth of tuition assistance along with his on-the-job experience.

While Spencer started college looking for an internship, he finished college with a full-time job offer and real-world skills in the money-management world under his belt.

“If you were in my boat and having such a hard time finding an internship, this is great,” Spencer says.

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