“If it wasn’t for EAW, I wouldn’t have finished college.”

Andrew Bland is an Arizona State University senior who graduated this spring, and was among the first class of agents to work with Education at Work on technical care services and software support.

Majoring in computer science, Andrew got to truly grow with his program.

“Being one of the oldest classes, we help a lot of the newer classes out, they come to us for questions, and we all help each other now,” Andrew says.

Andrew’s biggest takeaways from his time with EAW include the professional-based skills he acquired in addition to training in

“Soft skills are definitely needed for any role in my industry,” says Andrew. “I’ve also gained a couple of expertise’s in things that I should know, like computer tools, that I may not have been familiar with before, and now I’m pretty comfortable with it.”

Andrew’s journey through college has come with plenty of twists and turns. After struggling with finances, Andrew saw an EAW flyer in his financial aide’s office and immediately submitted an application.

Andrew has left his mark on EAW – from being part of the first class of agents on technical care, to constantly lending a helping hand to others on his team. For as much as Andrew left an impact on his EAW team, EAW left an impact on him.

“If it wasn’t for EAW, I wouldn’t have finished college,” Andrew says.

Andrew’s dream job is to work with one of the big four technology-based companies, and after interviews for jobs already, he is excited to continue navigating the professional world.

To read more about Andrew’s college journey and his success story visit, http://educationatwork.org/andrew-bland-student-success-story/.  

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