By Kelvin Mejia, EAW Student Digital Reporter

The Best Study Tips for Summer!

During the summer it can be hard to study for classes due to the distractions from your social life. Whether you are in school or start classes in the next term, here are some good ways to regain your study habits and help you succeed in class.

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Time Management

Instead of enjoying your Popsicle and the absurd hot heat make time out of your day to study. Studying is one of the easiest ways to gain success in college.

There is always time to become prepared. Get a planner and make a list of everything you need to do for the day; set aside time for homework, exams and study days to get started.

The Right Study Environment

The first mistake many students make when it comes to studying is choosing a study area filled with distractions. A place with a lot of distractions, ultimately, can ruin the study session you planned out.

Set aside some old work or old study guides from previous classes and make sure you are prepared for your class for the semester. You may find it easier to study with a partner (a teacher, a student from the class, or a tutor) this might help ensure you’re staying on task.

Be Ready: Bring the Correct Materials

One common mistake people make is bringing random material they don’t need which leads to distractions in your study space. Phones are not necessary to a reading a book for class, peers would be able to distract you and you would not be able to get your work done.

Instead only bring:

·       Your writing utensil

·       Paper/Scratch paper

·       Textbook

·       The classwork/study guide

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#4 Study Habits

Be in the Mindset to Learn

Don’t feel like studying is a chore or a bother to your day, take your time and don’t rush to finish an assignment. If you’re distracted by an event in your social life or finishing another task for a class, then studying is not going to be productive. Come back to studying when you are freer and in a more relaxed state of mind.

Communicate to Your Teacher

Miscommunication is another factor that can affect your studying. Ensure you stay on top of what can cause bad grades. Email and communicate to the teacher whether it's before or after class. Make sure you understand every assignment and what is expected.

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