Lauren Whiteside is an Arizona State University student who is about to start her junior year as a nursing major – but that wasn’t always the case for Lauren.

Lauren started college with the intent to study computer information systems and operations, and she started working at Education at Work as a customer service representative for account management.

Just as she got the hang of college life and finished her first year, Lauren’s career path changed for the better: she made the decision to switch to nursing – a field she’d been wanting to follow from a young age, and she was promoted to a Real-Time Analyst in EAW’s Workforce Management department.

“You really have to take a hold of yourself and perfect your time-management,” Lauren says. “This really helps me with nursing because time-management is a number one priority when you're dealing with patients. So, WFM really helped me with those kinds of skills that I need for the future.”

Lauren’s job consists of analyzing EAW’s various teams in real-time, managing schedules, and communicating requests with management in EAW’s ticketing process.

After being with EAW for three years, Lauren has earned approximately $15,000 in tuition assistance, receiving full pay-outs for her work-hours and high GPA during her entirety at ASU.

“We really are like a family,” Lauren says. “I’ve been with EAW for three years and I wouldn’t have stayed so long if it wasn’t a good company. They’re really supportive and friendly and I appreciate my job every single day.”

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