How much can a student learn from Education at Work? According to students from all different departments: a lot. Randall Michels works in our Workforce Management department, and he’s learned all about navigation.

Randall, a third-year student at Arizona State University, is studying geology. Originally from Ohio, Randall navigated his way out of his home town to explore the different landscapes and canyons of the United States. He started his education in Montana before finding the geology program at ASU – and finding a job at Education at Work.

Much like his academic path and travels, Randall was met with changes in the work place after working with EAW for over a year – he was promoted from a customer service representative to a real-time analyst in our WFM department.

“We do a lot. We’re kind of like the swiss army knife of the company – from scheduling long term or same day, processing attendance, watching real-time information … More than anything, it’s been a huge eye opener on how to communicate in a team, even remotely sometimes.”

Randall’s position includes communication with management and supervising teams on scheduling, attendance, ticketing requests, and analyzing time-management and productivity of a team.

While it doesn’t seem like an analyst position would inform him in his degree at first glance, Randall says it’s important to understand what the backend of a business looks like, and how to analyze the efficiency of a team.

Randall has earned more than $5,000 in tuition assistance after working with EAW for over three years, and he intends to keep working through his degree.

“I love the environment,” Randall says. “I love working with a lot of people my age, the sense of community we have, it’s just a really fun environment to be in.”

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