Kindra Lingenfelter, a University of Utah student, is entering her senior year of college as an entertainment arts and engineering games (Game EAE) major but that wasn’t always the case for Kindra.

Kindra, originally a computer science major, started college while working at Education at Work as a customer service representative to help her pay for college.

As she finished up her first year of college, she enjoyed the computer science courses but wanted something that allowed her to be more creative. Kindra then decided to change her major to Game EAE.

While Kindra learned more about what she wanted out of college and what she wanted out of a career, Education at Work had student positions in IT open up. Once Kindra noticed, she jumped at the opportunity to start her career in IT and gain real-world experience.

“I have especially enjoyed working as IT - I get more responsibility. That was something I always found myself wanting on the floor,” says Kindra. “I was really happy to get that position and show my current boss Ian that he made the right call and that I could be a person he can rely on. “

Kindra’s team says she goes above and beyond, as she created a knowledge base on her own to help out future IT members when they are hired.

“When I joined IT, we did not have much,” Kindra says, referring to a knowledge base for new hires. “We did not have any existing articles to help someone who was coming onto IT who had no idea what was going on.”

Kindra jumpstarted the article creation with thirty articles. Her work resulted in the IT team completing 200 articles in the knowledge base. Thanks to her, the IT workflow has become much smoother.

After working with EAW for two years, Kindra has earned more than $7,000 in tuition assistance, allowing her to become successful during her time at the University of Utah.

“EAW makes up for the customer support center with its atmosphere,” Kindra says. “The capacity for upwards mobility is there. My friend that was hired worked hard and has gotten a supervisor position at EAW. EAW is that sweet spot that is in line with your career goals and goals as a student.

After graduation, Kindra hopes to work as a UI UX Designer, preferably in the games industry.

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