Andrew Bland, Arizona State University


Andrew Bland is an Arizona State University student majoring in computer science who has earned more than $2,500 dollars in tuition assistance during his time at Education at Work (EAW). Andrew says that he wouldn’t have finished college without the support of EAW.

While working in a restaurant, Andrew decided to make a he enrolled in community college at Estrella Mountain Community College for two years and then transferred to Arizona State University to complete his degree in computer science.

While attending Arizona State University, Andrew reached the federal government’s student loan cap, a limit on the amount of federal aid each student may borrow through federal government loans.

“I took out quite a substantial amount of student loans, so much so that I maxed them out,” Andrew says, “I wasn’t sure if I was going to finish college and graduate.”

While visiting ASU’s financial aid office, Andrew discovered an Education at Work flyer and was intrigued. He says he was drawn to the job because of the flexible hours and tuition assistance. Most importantly, for Andrew, EAW offered tuition assistance rather than tuition reimbursement which meant he wouldn’t have to pay as much out of pocket for his academic expenses through EAW’s earned tuition assistance policy.

Since Education at Work believes in the pay-it-forward method of tuition assistance rather than the pay back idea, Andrew wouldn’t have to worry about finding money up front to pay for his education and then wait to be paid back.

Education at Work also gave Andrew the work-experience needed and taught him good practices in humility which will help him as he advances in his technical career. Being one of the first student’s hired at ASU, working for Education at Work on behalf of EAW’s global technology client Andrew has learned a lot and grown.

Andrew is also a part of the “Modern Life Agents” pilot program which launched on Feb. 18. “Modern Life Agents,” are considered a “Universal Team,” which support those agents handling technical software cases and includes taking calls in multiple languages.

“Obviously, you build up a knowledge base as you continue, but their main driving point is nobody knows everything,” says Andrew. “Our job (as agents) is to find out what we don’t know.”

Andrew has had practice in asking people questions, whether it’s new co-workers, tenured co-workers, or co-workers he has yet to get to know and this is something Andrew says has greatly helped him while applying for engineering jobs.

Andrew’s dream job is to work for Apple or a ‘big four’ tech company which refers to the top four technology companies: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. We wish Andrew the best as he continues to work hard to achieve his dreams.

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