Austin Gibbons, University of Utah

Austin Gibbons is a computer science major at the University of Utah who has been employed at Education at Work for almost two years and is on track to graduate this spring. Austin has earned more than 8,000 dollars in tuition assistance and credits EAW for helping him enhance his professional demeanor and gain an incredible internship opportunity.

Austin has such an overwhelming love for computer science that he tutored other computer science majors and EAW student employees before his shifts at EAW. His passion for all things computer science has led to one goal: to become a world-class software developer. He says that becoming a software developer is now something that he is seeing slowly become a reality.

With hard work and dedication, Austin was able to land an amazing internship opportunity at Galileo Financial Technologies in Utah. This is an opportunity that would allow Austin to grow his computer science skills and give him the chance to attain even more real-world experience before graduation.

He says EAW played a large role in helping him get where he is today, “Without a doubt, I would have had a much harder time interviewing without the professionalism EAW helped me develop,” says Austin. “EAW also helped me stay financially stable and allowed me to work around my class schedule so I could focus on school. Not to mention the great people along the way that helped me gain confidence.”

Austin says he looks forward to the hands-on experience he expects to gain in this internship and is excited grow his backend development skills.

Austin also attributes EAW with helping him build lifelong friendships. Before EAW, he says he was shy and had almost no friends in college, “EAW introduced me to so many new social circles and opened my eyes to how fun college can be when you get involved. I have several friends for life now because of EAW.”

Austin has zero regrets about the time he spent at EAW, telling us that he had fun working in customer support for a leading technology company and had an amazing time working for EAW’s IT team. He remarks that the time he spent in every position at EAW was worthwhile and that he is extremely grateful for all the opportunities he earned.


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