Berenice Zubiate, Arizona State University

Berenice is a full-time student attending Arizona State University majoring in the arts with a focus in arts administration. As an undergraduate living off campus to save money, Berenice was determined to find a part-time job with flexible hours.

She learned about Education at Work through an old friend and applied. Berenice had been working as an Account Manager for EAW on behalf of a Fortune 500 company when she heard about the EAW digital reporter role. “I already loved working at EAW because of the flexible hours and tuition assistance. When I heard about this opportunity I talked to my supervisor right away. It was intriguing because it aligned so well with my major.”

On a weekly basis Berenice captures student stories through her photography, videography and writing skills. She supports the marketing department’s overall digital media efforts and contributes to EAW/ASU site specific marketing campaigns when needed.

“I learn something new each week,” says Berenice. “This job has taught me how to work with a company’s branding guidelines while supporting their social media tactics – all skills I can use long after my undergraduate career.”

Throughout this experience Berenice has learned how to manage her time and how to adapt quickly within a business setting, saying she’s realized things within a company never stay static but instead consistently evolve.

Berenice is excited to expand her student portfolio and mentions that one of her biggest accomplishments is having her work displayed throughout Education at Work’s ASU site. She is thankful for the opportunities EAW has provided and is excited to continue working for the company until graduation.

After graduation in spring 2020, Berenice looks forward to continuing her passion for graphic arts and strives to work at a company like Google or Microsoft in their marketing or communications department. She would eventually like to start her own nonprofit organization that gives back to her community by creating an after-school program that will teach career skills to high school students interested in pursuing a degree in the arts.

We’re proud to have Berenice as part of our marketing team! Thank you Berenice for all your hard work and dedication!


Published July 30, 2019

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