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What To Do If You’re Not Travelling for Spring Break

By Education at Work | March 8, 2016
Spring break camping

Even though spring break is approaching fast for most students, it’s not too late to plan a trip. The options for spring break are endless. The most popular choice for students seems to be going to Panama or Daytona beach but plenty of people go camping or go back home to visit their families. However,…

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Choosing The Right University For You

By Education at Work | March 4, 2016
students walking with books

In January, EAW student employee Laura Forero wrote a blog post discussing the important things to consider when choosing the right university for you. Now, we’re glad to share with you what De’Voe Sherman, an EAW student employee who attends the University of CIncinnati, sees as the most important factors to consider.   Every major and every…

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On Or Off: Campus Housing

By Education at Work | February 24, 2016
dorm on-campus

Most of us have lived at home with our parents until at least our senior year of high school. I am a second year student at UC and I still live at home with my parents, but some 60% of UC students are more adventurous than I am and decided to move away from home…

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Is It 2017 Yet?

By Laura Stockdale | February 24, 2016
man walking on a road

Let me guess, you haven’t quite lost the 30 pounds you wanted to, or filled out your new 2016 agenda? Yeah, me neither. According to a study done by the University of Scranton, 49% of people who make New Year’s resolutions have infrequent success. Yikes. Joseph Strand, M.D., instructor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School,…

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They Called It A “BIG Show” And They Were Right!

By Sean Dougherty | January 27, 2016
Kathy, Megan and Tim at the BIG Show

Last week, three members of Education at Work’s business development and marketing team had an exciting opportunity to attend the National Retail Federation (NRF) Retail’s BIG Show in New York City. As an organization, the NRF is over 40,000 members strong and has a leadership team from top retailers all over the world. As the…

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More Than A Man

By Laura Stockdale | January 21, 2016
dr. martin luther king, jr. giving his "i have a dream" speech

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. – an extraordinary leader. Most notably known for his leadership and advocacy during the civil rights movement in the 1960’s, King’s inspirational strength and faith is proudly celebrated every third Monday of January.  For the colleges and universities here in Cincinnati, this holiday means more than just a day free…

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The University Life Investment

By Laura Stockdale | January 6, 2016
man standing on a mountain

Did you know that there are roughly 5,300 colleges and universities in the United States? For those of us who decide to attend one of those 5,300, choosing the right college can be daunting. With college debt at an all-time high in the US, it can be easy to assume cost is the one and…

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The University “Wheel Of Fortune”

By Laura Stockdale | December 22, 2015
books on a bookshelf

Choosing the right college or university is just as important as deciding to attend. A study done by the ACT in 2013 revealed that 50% of high school seniors selected their college or university based on their desired major. Of those very same students, 60% reported a need for more support with their educational and…

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Hear Their Stories

By Megan Bowling | December 4, 2015
thanks a million tuition assistance celebration

At our recent #ThanksAMillion celebration, which celebrated our student employees’ having earned $1,000,000 in tuition assistance, two students shared how their jobs at Education at Work and their tuition assistance have impacted their lives. Below, you can hear from Scott and Anjanisse, who both attend the University of Cincinnati. To learn how our tuition assistance can…

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7 Important Things I Learned In College

By Education at Work | December 3, 2015
Kale and the KSU logo

As a college graduate, I realize I learned so much from my alma mater, Kentucky State University. I learned my strengths, weaknesses, and other things about myself that I possibly wouldn’t have found out if I hadn’t gone to college. I have evolved into the current woman I am today and I have to thank my…

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