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4 Relationship Building Tips That Work

By Education at Work | November 8, 2012

Working in an office is often a fascinating sociological study. It’s an environment where a wide variety of different personality types are obligated to work together towards a common goal. In some instances, these might be individuals who would never choose to work together in any other circumstance, but have to find ways to settle…

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Macy’s Hiring Announcement

By Education at Work | October 8, 2012

Ecommerce careers have quickly established themselves as one of the fastest growing career fields in the market today. At Education at Work, we’re excited to be able to offer first hand exposure to this field and help our students build valuable experience. Macy’s, Inc. recently issued a press release announcing that their hiring needs for…

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Why Outsource Offshore? Bring U.S. Call Center Jobs Back…

By Education at Work | September 25, 2012

Currently, there is a growing trend in the outsource call center industry to relocate many US jobs offshore to countries like India and the Philippines. It seems all too frequent that we see articles, reports or news stories about companies in our local communities closing facilities and moving positions offshore. This movement hits us all…

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