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8 Reasons to Hire College Students for Outsourcing Jobs

By Megan Bowling | March 22, 2017

You need great employees, and college students want great employers. Consider us career matchmakers. 1. College students are digital natives. images.audiobooks.com The millennial generation has grown up in the age of the internet – and that’s not even considering Generation Z. Chances are, they got their first smart phones when they were in high school…

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Winter 2017 Newsletter

By Sean Dougherty | March 20, 2017
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Our new quarterly newsletter is here, covering exciting updates taking place at EAW!  In this Winter 2017 edition, learn about our latest tuition assistance milestone, read about an EAW student-employee’s professional journey, and get details on our roundtable discussion at Call Center Week Vegas – June 28, 2017. Click here to read it!

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Student Spotlight: How my EAW Mentor Changed my Career

By Education at Work | March 15, 2017
Emily Kingsley and Amanda Nash, Arizona State University at Education at Work

Ever since I started working at Education at Work (EAW), I have been eager to grow. I always try to put my best foot forward and make a lasting impression at my workplace, and when I was hired at EAW in May of 2016, they had first opened up the Arizona State University (ASU) contact center.…

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Fidelity Expands Partnership with Education at Work to Expand Talent Pipeline at NKU

By Laura Stockdale | March 1, 2017
Partnership celebration VIPs – Larry Lutz, Education at Work President; Mark Scheid, SVP & Fidelity Investments Workplace Investing Covington, KY Site General Manager; Geoffrey Mearns, Northern Kentucky University President; Kim Scranage, Northern Kentucky University Vice President of Enrollment Management; Nicole Hannon, EAW/NKU Alumna & Fidelity Financial Associate; Dave Dougherty, Education at Work Chairman and Founder

CINCINNATI, OH – Fidelity Investments has created 40 part-time student jobs on Northern Kentucky University’s (NKU) campus as an expansion to its four-year partnership with Education at Work (EAW). The global financial services company partnered with Education at Work in 2013 to bring a collegiate workforce onto its Covington, KY location through EAW’s on-site staffing…

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EAW Becomes Greener with New Recycling Initiative

By Sean Dougherty | February 13, 2017
EAW Staff Recycles

Education at Work recently began a recycling initiative at its Norwood, OH headquarters! This effort is spearheaded by Kelly Molloy, Data Analyst at EAW, and is supported by the Business Intelligence (BI) department. The idea started as a proposition from the BI manager, Dan Paterniti, to come up with an idea for a creative team…

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Why Hire a Collegiate Workforce [Infographic]?

By Laura Stockdale | February 6, 2017
college students, collegiate workforce

At Education at Work (EAW), we have two goals: to help college students graduate with little or no debt and to better prepare those college students for their professional futures. Just over five years ago, our founder, Dave Dougherty, sought to accomplish these goals by opening the first ever, non-profit business process outsourcing organization. As…

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$3.2 Million in Tuition Assistance Awarded to Education at Work Student Employees

By Sean Dougherty | February 6, 2017

Cincinnati, OH – Education at Work (EAW) student employees have earned $3,292,289 million in tax-free tuition assistance to date. Since its founding in 2012, EAW has been dedicated to helping college students graduate with as little debt as possible. The organization provides part-time jobs in a contact center environment that pay hourly wages and provide…

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Student Spotlight: A Professional Journey with Education at Work

By Education at Work | January 31, 2017

Three years ago, I began my journey working at Education at Work (EAW). EAW is non-profit customer service outsourcer that has a goal of hiring college students like me and helping them graduate with increased professional skills and less student debt. As a high school senior, I was excited although nervous to begin my new…

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Student Spotlight: Creating a Post-Graduation Career Roadmap

By Ben Self | January 16, 2017

Planning for the future and setting professional and personal goals can set you up for success and set you apart from your peers. Even more so, confidence in strengths, talents, and short and long-term goals are appealing attributes to any employer in today’s competitive professional arena. However, becoming successful at developing professional and personal goals…

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Fall 2016 Newsletter

By Megan Bowling | November 15, 2016
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Our most recent quarterly newsletter is here, covering the biggest things happening at EAW! In this edition, learn about our newest campus center, meet an EAW graduate, and see photos from our recent move! Click here to read it!

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