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Student Success: Kaleb Keown

By Education at Work | October 12, 2020

Kaleb worked at Education at Work (EAW) for more than a year and accepted a full-time position in April 2020 with the same financial services company he worked with while employed at Education at Work.

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College Advice From Education at Work Student Employees

By Education at Work | September 16, 2020

By Joycelyn Cabrera, Student Digital Reporter Student Advice: Starting a new semester, EAW new-hires, and incoming freshmen Students from various Education at Work programs are sharing advice for their peers and incoming freshmen as the new semester begins. The past two semesters have caused major changes in student life as the COVID-19 pandemic results in…

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Student Success: Samantha Corrales

By Education at Work | September 9, 2020

Making Personable Connections A former Education at Work student ambassador who completed her undergraduate degree says she couldn’t have gotten where she is now without taking every opportunity that came her way. Sam Corrales, a now-former EAW student success ambassador, is pursuing her masters’ degree in public administration after two high-achieving years with EAW. Sam…

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Student Success: Emma Mower

By Education at Work | August 24, 2020

Emma Mower has taken initiative throughout her college career – and she brought that same drive to her work life with Education at Work. Emma, an early-grad, is set to earn her degree in business administration from Arizona State University in December. She spent her last semester of college with EAW with a plan to…

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The Financial Dilemma in Going Back to School

By Education at Work | August 20, 2020

By Joycelyn Cabrera, EAW Student Digital Reporter   Well, we’re halfway through with 2020 and in the middle of a pandemic – and universities are starting back up in August. So, what does that mean for students?   College students in particular are in a unique bind. From financial needs, to complicated housing situations – not to mention the added…

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What to Expect for Fall Semester

By Education at Work | August 17, 2020

By Brittany Collier, EAW Student Marketing Assistant Prepare for your classes to move online Many colleges across the United States have quickly developed new plans to slow the spread of COVID-19 this fall. In June, the Chronicle of Higher Education tracked a list of universities’ plans for the fall semester. The largest category of colleges,…

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First Generation: Miguel Valladares

By Education at Work | August 4, 2020

Miguel Valladares is an Arizona State University student, studying sports business, and entering his sophomore year in college. He is also the oldest of four, Mexican-American, and a first-generation college student. “To go on and get into college,” Miguel says, “it made my parents proud and it made me proud because it’s something I’ve dreamed…

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Getting Hired During a Pandemic

By Education at Work | August 4, 2020

By Joycelyn Cabrera, EAW Student Digital Reporter Education at Work is adjusting to the needs of students getting interviewed, hired, trained, and working the job – all from home. In the middle of a global pandemic, getting a job is a relief for many college students. A majority of college students in the workforce have…

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First Generation: Lizbeth Fonseca

By Education at Work | July 31, 2020

“I’m really proud of myself for getting this far.” Lizbeth Fonseca has a lot to be proud of. As a first-generation student, she has continued to be resilient in her efforts to pursue her dreams. Lizbeth is a senior studying finance at The University of Texas at Dallas who jumped at the opportunity to work…

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Student Success: Kindra Lingenfelter

By Sabrina Fawley | July 28, 2020

Kindra Lingenfelter, a University of Utah student, is entering her senior year of college as an entertainment arts and engineering games (Game EAE) major but that wasn’t always the case for Kindra. Kindra, originally a computer science major, started college while working at Education at Work as a customer service representative to help her pay…

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