Chase Slyder, Northern Kentucky University

Chase Slyder is a Northern Kentucky University graduate who dual majored in finance and accounting and graduated debt-free this December. Chase worked at Education at Work (EAW) for his entire collegiate career and earned more than 20,000 dollars in tuition assistance.

Throughout his time at Education at Work, Chase worked with several clients and adapted quickly in every position he held. Eventually, Chase was able to work with one of EAW’s financial services clients which fit his career aspirations of getting into the wealth management field perfectly.

“There was security and comfort knowing if I put the work in and do what I’m supposed to be doing there was going to be a job during college for me,” says Chase. “The TA (tuition assistance) absolutely helps each semester as well.”

Chase would tell any student in college that EAW is worth their time. He explains that he felt that Education at Work was always there to help him and got him where he wanted to go in his career. One of the things Chase appreciated most from his experience was getting to know his coworkers and learning from them. He says he developed his communication and professional skills by learning from coworkers and speaking to clients. He credits EAW with giving him real-world job skills before he graduated which helped him transition better and faster than other people starting out in their careers.

If he were to give students any advice it would be to try Education at Work, “It can’t hurt but try. You may love it and stay for four and a half years like I did.”

We want to congratulate Chase on all his accomplishments! We wish him the best as he continues to build his career post-graduation.


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