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Meet Friends, Impact Lives


Get to know your peers! Most Education at Work students begin training with a cohort of connections from their university or college. If you work at one of our program on a client site, you'll get the added bonus of meeting students from other universities! You can leverage the friendship of all your newfound BFFs to learn about other campuses and create contacts when searching for employment after graduation.

If you work at one of our campus locations, you have the opportunity to get to know your fellow students while sharing the Education at Work student experience.

Ways to Become Involved

Education at Work creates opportunities for you to get involved outside of work. These activities are a fun way to boost your resume and get to know motivated and friendly college students who share the same mission: reduce student debt.

Here are some ways to get active:

  • Campus Student Ambassador Program – Attend fun campus events to help us reach potential students to hire.
  • Student Bloggers – Blog about issues and opportunities that face college students.
  • Volunteer – Get involved by helping us impact the community at large through service projects.

If you are interested in getting involved, contact getinvolved@educationatwork.org.

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