Dalton Mallery, Northern Kentucky University


Dalton Mallery is a senior at Northern Kentucky University majoring in kinesiology and is on track to graduate this spring. Dalton has been employed at Education at Work (EAW) for his entire collegiate career and thanks to the help of tuition assistance EAW offers, Dalton will be graduating debt free.

Dalton first heard about Education at Work when he was in high school. Since his time at EAW, Dalton has succeeded at several different roles, learning different skillsets along the way.

In his first role at EAW, Dalton completed a lot of data entry. He says this daily routine helped him to develop the mindset to show up and do his job day in and day out. Dalton’s second role at Education at Work was a more customer service-based role with a leading global financial services company. Dalton says this position gave him enough of a financial background to help him understand finance which will better prepare him for his future. As an EAW student success ambassador, Dalton has developed the soft skills needed in any job. On a day-to-day basis, Dalton speaks with prospective student employees, guiding them through the recruitment process until their start date with EAW. This is something Dalton greatly enjoys. He says being a part of an organization that helps students pay for school is an extremely rewarding experience.

Dalton came to college not considering student debt as, “a big thing” then four years later he realized that tuition assistance, and having a job during his entire collegiate career at NKU helped set him up for success after graduation. As college begins to wind down, Dalton says he is glad he can focus on other things, rather than loans. He says he’s fortunate he doesn’t have to deal with the worry that comes with paying back debt.

After four years with Education at Work, Dalton has a lot to take away from his experience and will be able to utilize the new skillsets he’s learned in life post-graduation.

“I’m going to be able to say I worked for three different companies and I’ve been able to pay for my schooling which is a big deal,” says Dalton.

Speaking about his EAW experience, Dalton says he would tell students to get into EAW as soon as possible, saying, “The longer you stay in, the more you see the benefits on the way out.”

After college, Dalton hopes to attain a job within medical sales or cardiac rehab.  With the resume building he gained during his time in college, Dalton is well prepared for the next step in his journey, a full-time work environment.

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