Danielle Russell, Mount St. Joseph University

Danielle-Russell-EAW-Student-EmployeeAs a seeker of knowledge and adventure, Danielle Russell is currently pursuing her degree in Middle Childhood Education at Mount St. Joseph University with a minor in photography. After graduation, she plans to become a math teacher for elementary school students in the 4th grade up through the high school level. Danielle always dreamed of becoming a math teacher because she enjoys challenges that encourage problem solving and critical thinking. In her free time, Danielle loves to travel to new places around the world and photograph nature. While in high school, Danielle worked at St. Jude School, a Catholic middle school in the Cincinnati, OH area, as an after-school care assistant. She enjoyed helping young students with their homework and cognitive development, and hopes to continue this pursuit during her career after graduation.

While working at Education at Work, Danielle has served as a counselor for our client in the student loan space, connecting graduates to services that enable them to create a pathway to loan repayment. As a result, Danielle has learned the fundamentals of how student loans operate and the impact of repayment post- graduation. The training also afforded Danielle the opportunity to make smarter financial decisions in regards to her own personal loans.

In addition, Danielle has developed other critical job skills in this position, such as developing a conversational style and being more aware of effective ways to converse via phone. She has realized that building a rapport with student borrowers allows her to better address and help resolve their financial situations to work towards repayment. Also, she has developed patience through managing a sometimes repetitive work flow without becoming frustrated, which will ultimately benefit her as she works with young adults in the classroom. Our Education at Work team is fortunate to have Danielle in our program for the next two academic years, and we’re excited to see the impact she has on furthering the education of America’s youth.


Published September 20, 2017

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