Eric Wachendorf, Northern Kentucky University

Eric Wachendorf, a recent Northern Kentucky University graduate and former EAW student employee, worked at Education at Work throughout his college career and earned a total of 22,500 dollars in tuition assistance. Each semester Eric earned the full amount of tuition assistance that may be awarded to an EAW student employee.

This past May, Eric graduated magna cum laude from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in integrative studies with a focus in management and human resources and was offered a full-time position at Education at Work.

“A big thing here, at Education at Work is the opportunities that are possible,” says Eric. “They are all things that are resume worthy, that’s what I really like about Education at Work.”

“Eric is the epitome of why we started Education at Work. His academic success married with opportunities to mature his professional acumen over the past four years makes him a great addition to my team,” says Tim Moore, Senior Vice President of Operations. “I look forward to watching Eric’s continued success as he assists in delivering our mission of relevant job skills and debt reduction for college students across the nation.”

Eric began his journey with EAW as a customer service representative for one of the top service providers in the United States; after four months he received a promotion. A few months later while in a one-on-one with a manager he learned about another opportunity on the EAW recruiting team that would help him develop his career skills further. Eventually, Eric was able to transition to the recruiting team where he stayed for the remainder of his college career.

He explains that the workplace environment EAW provides student employees helped him thrive both academically and professionally. “I think the environment is a big deal,” says Eric. “Having a student-centric environment where the managers care about your class schedule and care about you graduating is extremely important. Having school first and work second is the best thing about EAW.”

He says he’s learned something from each of the managers he’s come in contact with at EAW and he’s thankful for all the opportunities he’s gained. He also says he realizes that getting real-world experience in college isn’t easy and it’s something he’s seen this first-hand from peers who weren’t as lucky to gain the experiences he received.

“So many people around my age struggle to find job opportunities and if they do find them they aren’t meaningful ones that will help you get where you want to be in 5, 10 or 15 years,” says Eric. “I can honestly say from experience, EAW will set you on a path to gain the skills you need to reach your long-term goals.”

This June, Eric began his new full-time role at Education at Work as a Manager of Operational Process Control. In his role he supports operations in creating and maintaining uniform operation processes across all EAW sites. Eric hopes to continue to grow professionally in his new role while helping students understand the true value of the EAW mission so students can reap all of the benefits.

Education at Work is extremely proud to have Eric as part of our full-time professional staff and we congratulate him on all his accomplishments.


Published August 15, 2019.

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