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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Education at Work?

We are a nonprofit organization created to help college students graduate with less debt. We employ college students in contact centers and on client sites to work part-time while helping them earn cash and tuition assistance for school.

Do I need to have a specific major to apply?

All majors and disciplines from an accredited university or college are welcome to apply. If you are unsure if your school is accredited, you can talk with your academic advisor.

What type of work will I be doing?

The majority of our positions are customer service and sales positions in a contact center environment. In these positions, you will interact with customers over the phone and help them resolve issues or connect customers to products they can’t resist.

In addition, some of our students work at our client’s place of business and offer back-office, data-entry, and other office support.

Are your positions located on campus?
Our vision is to employ 100,000 college students on campuses across the United States. Today we have three campus locations: Mount St. Joseph University, Northern Kentucky University, and Arizona State University. We also have positions available directly in company offices, or "client sites." Our headquarters is located in Norwood, Ohio, 15 minutes away from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.
Is Education at Work the same as work-study?

Education at Work is not a government funded program. Unlike work study, we don’t base your tuition assistance amount on your current financial need and our funds are not federally-based.

Are you really flexible around schedules?

We are dedicated to working with students and their school schedules. We customize your schedule so you’re not scheduled to work during class times. At the beginning of each semester you will provide us with your current class schedule, so we can create a schedule for the semester based on your academic needs.

How many hours will I be working a week?
The amount of hours Education at Work employees work depend on program, and range from 16-20 per week (incoming freshmen are able to work 12 their first semester). Students are eligible to work up to 28 hours a week if their class schedule allows it.
How does Education at Work decide which client program an employee is placed into?

During your in-person interview, our staff learns about your background, career goals, and aspirations. Several of our programs can be connected to your major and we try to place you in programs that match your personality and skills.

How much will I get paid?
Most of our positions begin at $9.00 an hour. Please note that your wages are different from tuition assistance, which is paid separately.
Is there a dress code?

We do encourage you to dress business casual when coming to work. We like to make it interesting, and have days where you can wear Education at Work t-shirts or college colors.

How do I get tuition assistance?
Great question. Probably the best question you’ve asked all day. Here is how the tuition assistance program works:
  • You can apply for tuition assistance at the end of each completed term after the initial 60 day qualification period. You can apply each time you receive a new set of grades (cannot submit the same grades more than once).
  • You must work the weekly minimum hours your program requires and be in good standing with your work performance.
  • Finally, you must earn a 2.5 GPA or above for the most current semester.
In case you were wondering how much you get for your GPA, here is a chart to help you out:  

Most Recent Semester GPA

Part Time Student
(3-11 Credit Hours)

Full Time Student
(12+ Credit Hours)

Below 2.5



2.5 to under 3.0



3.0 to under 3.5



3.5 and above



Does the tuition assistance money go directly to my bank account?

Nope, but - tuition assistance funds are paid directly to your college or university.

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